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Throughout five decades and several technology revolutions from the days of ‘wood and tubes’, MB Quart is still the global standard, creating only the finest high performance audio equipment.

From the first-time system to the most elaborate and distinctive designs, MB Quart products will ignite and fuel the flames of your passion for precise quality sound reproduction.

ZA2-1500.5 Amplifier

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ZA2-1500.5 Amplifier

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Availability: Discontinued

Part#: ZA2-1500.5

Condition: New in box


1500 watt, five channel car audio amplifier

Regular Price: $379.99

Special Price: $179.00



MB Quart ZA2 1500 watt five channel. Class SQ car amplifier for a full system solution with one amplifier. The Mono channel is 1-Ohm stable and will deliver 1000 watts of RMS power.

Category: MaxxFactory Products
SKU: 806576227076
Part #: ZA2-1500.5
Condition: New in box

  • Class
    Class Q1 (Class D)
  • Variable Voltage
    6.0V - 0.2V
  • Signal to Noise
  • Frequency Response
  • Crossover Type
    Variable Electronic
  • Crossover Frequency Range:
    CH1 & CH2:

    Switch LPF - FULL - HPF
    40Hz - 4kHz
  • Crossover Frequency Range:
    CH3 & CH4:

    Switch LPF - FULL - HPF
    40Hz - 4kHz
  • Crossover Frequency Range:

    45Hz - 450Hz
  • THD+N (Noise)
  • Bass Boost
  • Phase Shift
    Yes: 0 - 180 degrees
  • RMS Power Output @ 1 Ohm:
    1 x 1000W : Channel 5 ONLY
  • RMS Power Output @ 2 Ohms:
    4 x 100W + 1 x 750W
  • RMS Power Output @ 4 Ohms
    4 x 60W + 1 x 350W
  • Mono Bridged @ 4 Ohms
    2 x 300W + 1 x 500 Watts
  • Total Channels
  • Audio Inputs:
    1 Pair RCA Jacks
  • Audio Outputs:
    1 Pair RCA Jacks
  • Power Terminal:

    2 ga
  • Speaker Terminal Wire Gauge
    10 ga
  • Fusing
    External 1 x 150A
  • Dimensions
    23.38 X 10.63 X 3.25 in
    59 x 26.6 x 8.2 cm
  • Weight
    13 lbs (5.8 kg)

Features & Benefits
  • Pre-Amp Circuitry: Q-Stasis Pre Amplifier Stage Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier circuit with minimal distortion
  • Inputs: Nickel Plated High temperature impact resistant with hex screw terminals that allow for secure connections and is erosion resistant
  • Operation Mode: 5 channel and bridged mono operation Flexible installation allows this amplifier to run in five channel or bridged mono mode.
  • Crossover / Signal Shaping: Switched High and Low Pass Filters
    Variable LPF for 5th Channel
    With adjustable frequency choices between high frequency speakers and low frequency drivers can be fine tuned for a perfectly balance audio system for all passengers, regardless of the placement in the vehicle.
    The 5th channel, designed for the subwoofer system utilizes a variable frequency adjustment, allowing the perfect balance of the full system, all from one amplifier.
  • Class / Topology: Class SQ & Class Q1
    (Class A/B and Class D)
    The perfect hybrid of power and technology. Four channels of Class SQ circuitry to drive the high end speakers. Then a 5th channel of Class Q1 that is 1 ohm stable to drive the subwoofers of a system.
  • Output Devices Technology: FLUID-FETS Uniquely selected MOSFET devices, designed specifically to augment the Class SQ and Class Q1 circuitry of all MB Quart amplifier designs.
  • Heat Sink: Focused mass aluminum Unique low profile heavy duty aluminum heat-sink to dissipate heat
  • Power Supply: High frequency power supply design Maximum efficiency power supply to deliver maximum power with minimal impact on the vehicles electrical system
  • Bass Remote: Included Wired Bass Remote allows adjustments to bass frequencies to be made from the control mounted anywhere in the vehicle.
  • Output Connections: Nickel-Plated Nickel Plated Brass Connection with Hex Set Screw terminals allow for secure connection and resist erosion
  • Connections Type: Molded / Angled Secure connection for all system wires. Angled for ease of access for installation
  • Diagnostics: Three-stage protection circuits Monitor thermal, overload, DC, and speaker short protection with lighted indicators on the amplifier end panel
  • Illumination: YES The MB Quart - Red Chiclet in the logo lights up to easily identify your amplifier as a top of the line, advanced technology choice

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